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Simple Orphan Care

I had a completely different blog post ready for this week, but it just didn't feel right. It felt forced, and I felt like this week deserved better.

It's National Adoption Month and this Sunday is Orphan Sunday ( Seven years ago we felt the call to adopt on Orphan Sunday. How has it been seven years already? Since that day, I have been involved in the adoption community. This is the first November in many years that I'm not organizing a special event. If I'm being honest, I'm thankful for the break.

Do you want to know what is more important than organizing events to raise awareness for orphans?

This girl.


If I have learned anything about orphan care over the past seven years, it is this: Keep it simple and do what is right in front of you.

Some of you reading this will be called to adopt or foster. Some of you may even be called to serve at an orphanage overseas. In reality, most of you reading this probably aren't called to do either of those things OR you've done them and you're wondering what's next.

Keep It Simple

Small acts of kindness matter a lot.

I've met numerous people that want to get involved in orphan care but aren't sure how. These people don't necessarily feel called to adopt or foster. If this describes you, allow me to point you in the right direction. Do something small for an adoptive/foster family that is in your life.

After we came home from China, a friend of mine's sister brought us food for dinner one night. I felt so loved and cared for in that moment. She was more of an acquaintance to us back then, but she blessed us anyway. Her small act to someone that was right in front of her was a huge blessing to our family.

This is James 1:27 being lived out.

You don't need an organization or ministry to be involved in orphan care. Do the small, simple things right in front of you.

My Ministry

I live out James 1:27 by loving this girl right now. It's what God has placed in front of me, and it's so simple for me.

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