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Living a Life of Being Found

The above picture was taken in an airport four years ago.

The day our youngest daughter, Brielle, turned two years old and became an American citizen.

The day she met her brother and sister for the first time.

The day she woke up in Guangzhou, China and laid her head down to sleep in the small town of Sugarcreek, Ohio.

It was a monumental (and very long) day.

A day forever etched into my memory.

A day that always points me to hope and reminds me of God's faithfulness.

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I look at myself in that picture, and I can see the relief in my eyes.

A five-year prayer answered.

A daughter home. Safe and sound. One less orphan.

After the airport, I remember the desire to beg God for a “boring” life moving forward. I was tired. It was the beginning of losing myself in a new way that I’d never want to be found again.

Since this photo, I started writing again, we relocated to Tennessee, we felt the nudge to adopt again, and my first book released into the world.

But what about my boring life, God? I don’t know if I can do more.

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The last four years have been full of larger leaps than I ever imagined.