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Hi! This is me with my amazing and joyful and loud family. My family is, without a doubt, my greatest calling and adventure. My next greatest calling is writing and speaking about faith, motherhood, and adoption.

I have a passion for serving people through words that point them to Jesus. I believe that most of us get stuck in our own plans and perfection, or in the fear of the unknown, that we don't allow God to make us whole.


I always planned to write a book. I thought that it would be something that I would do once I was old and wise. I would write a book after my kids were grown, after Scott and I celebrated 30 years of marriage, or after my successful business career. I could go on and on about all of the planning that goes on in my Type-A, perfectionist mind.


You can probably already tell where this is going.


After returning home from China with our third child in 2016, all of the plans that I had made began to unravel. I became tired of making things happen on my own. I became tired of perfection. I became tired of striving. I was exhausted!

I began to truly believe that God had made me for more than my own simple-minded plans and that His plans were far better than my own. I realized that I was being who I thought God wanted me to be rather than who He actually wanted me to be.  

Yes, there are days when I pray for a “normal” job where I could pump out killer Excel spreadsheets and performance reviews like I used to do. I don’t like being the center of attention. Public speaking has terrified me in the past. I hate failing. All of these things are a huge part of writing. My analytical mind tells me to run, yet I can’t. I know that God-sized dreams glorify Him. How could I possibly run? I am confident that He’ll show up because He who calls me is faithful.


So, welcome to the place where I faithfully live out my calling to write. I would love the opportunity to pop into your e-mail inbox once a week. Click here to sign up, and let's chase Jesus and all that He has for us together. 

I continue to hold my plans loosely. My prayer is that my writing points you to the One who is always faithful and that you might see how much more He has for you too.

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