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My Story of God's Grace and Glory

We desire to know our lives matter, and we live in a world that craves more, but what is more? We’re bombarded with messages about what more looks like and how we can successfully live a life of being made for more. Perfection is a constant measure of success, and we manipulate plans so we feel like we are making an impact. In the end, we are empty and exhausted.


Author Lauren Elizabeth Miller has lived this and felt this on a deep level. She’s walked through the emptiness and exhaustion that stems from trying to be perfect and never fail. She’s also felt the redemption and restoration that only God can provide. 


In Made for More, Miller shares her life story and the freedom and redemption she found through complete surrender to God’s plan for her life. She tells how obedience matters more than any outcome and that being made for more is simply living a life that stems from God’s grace. When we understand this, it changes everything.


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