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Dear Younger Me

Dear Younger Me, You had no idea you’d be where you are today. You made plans and set goals. You worked hard to do all the right things. And yet, you find your life different than you ever imagined. You take daily walks with your kids and listen to them giggle and chat. You sit behind a computer screen getting a few minutes of work done. And this work is different than you ever planned for. You check on your family, neighbors, and friends to make sure they’re OK. You feel peaceful. You feel that in letting go of control you have found the key to freedom. You rest in God’s promises. You rest in God’s faithfulness. You surrender. His way, not my way. You get to love the people right in front of you, and you’ve never felt more “in your calling” than ever before. You searched for years, and even though this calling takes you into the heartache and chaos of this broken world, you know it’s where God has planted you. You get to love your family. You get to fight for kids in need of love. You get to write words to set people free. You get to love the people in front of you well. Girl, you will find your purpose when you surrender, and it will be so much MORE than you could ever imagine. Love, A more peaceful you

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