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Joy, Strength, and Confidence in Every Season of Life

There is a pile of toys in the corner of our bedroom. There’s luggage in a box from a sale at Costco. There’s an electric hotpot (to reheat our quarantine food) sitting on top of the luggage box that Amazon conveniently delivered to our front door. We are anxiously preparing to travel and finalize our son’s adoption in South Korea in early 2021.

I sense a new season coming.

The crisp Fall air hits my face every morning as I open the door to put my kids on the school bus. By noon, I’m running to change into a t-shirt and shorts before grabbing a jacket in the evening for some good ‘ole porch sitting as the temperatures fall again.

I literally feel the season changing.

Change is surrounding me, and I can feel it barreling down on me like a freight train. This time, it’s a welcome and sought after freight train that I will joyfully jump on.

Usually, I hate that winter follows fall. The hope that winter will bring my son home after two years of waiting and paperwork makes it more bearable.

The process to finalize and the process to travel hasn’t been what we expected at all. Our first adoption was quick (for international adoption) and smooth. I knew going into this second adoption that it wouldn't mirror our first experience, and I was right.

Enter drastic changes to international adoption and a global pandemic.

But, I can confidently say that the fight and the weariness of this battle to adopt our son has only strengthened my relationship with the Lord.

I’m just so thankful that God’s love never changes. No matter the season, He is my strength and confidence.

I stand in awe of a God that creates joy and anticipation during our most challenging seasons.

He gives me the strength to move forward in every season, even if it includes quarantining for two weeks in another country.

He gives me the confidence that He is working everything out for His good and His glory, even when life feels chaotic.

Whatever season you find yourself in, literally or figuratively, I pray you feel God’s presence and hope. Our Savior is always waiting for us to rest in Him.


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