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The Gift of Shattered Dreams

shattered glass

I had the opportunity to volunteer for Bloom Family Designs recently.

Melissa, the founder, is so sweet and has a huge heart for adoption and foster care. She wanted to do something to support families so she began designing rooms at no cost to the family for adopted/foster kids to help welcome them HOME.

We all can do something, right?

When I left my house that morning, it was just like any other morning. As I drove away that afternoon after organizing a bedroom for two precious little girls, something in me had shifted.

I finally felt grateful for a shattered dream.

Without the messy shattering, I wouldn’t have been in that house, on that day, loving on that family, while serving beside other amazing women whose hearts share a similar reflection to mine.

The Shattering

If you would’ve known me in my early twenties, you would’ve seen a driven, career-oriented Lauren. I followed all the rules and got all the right degrees.

I even landed a job that set me up nicely to climb that golden career ladder. After six and a half years of a solid career path, I walked away. I had lost my passion and desire to climb that career ladder.

I leaped.

I landed a job at a church. Non-profit work combined with my love for the local church, it had to be the right fit for me. Right?

To my logical mind, it made sense. My compassionate side meshing with my business skills in serving the local church would be a perfect fit.

I found myself in post-adoption life walking away from my “perfect” church job.

Every dream I had for my career seemed to be shattering right in front of me. I had spent years of my life and thousands of dollars on an education. I was ready and willing to do big things for God through my career but every path I walked down kept shattering.

What was God doing?

I had a choice to make.

I could give up (allow the struggle to win) and be angry about all of the hard work I'd put in. Or I could live in faith that God would use it in His time and in His own way. Not the way Lauren plans for it to be used. The way God wants to use it.