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You ARE in the Ministry

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You don’t need a title.

You don’t need a position.

You don’t even need permission to be in the ministry.

A friend and mentor of mine that’s been helping me navigate the book editing process recently sent me an email that ended with these words,

“Continue to do what you are doing! You are in the ministry!!!”

These words watered my thirsty soul that longs to live a life that matters—a life that’s constantly giving away eternal value.

Within all of us, is a human desire to matter and ministry always matters. Telling other people about Jesus and mirroring His love for all people is the greatest thing that we can do during our time on Earth.

The Woman at the Well (John 4) is one of my favorite Bible stories because she didn’t need permission or a title to tell others about Jesus. After her encounter with Jesus at the well, she immediately ran back to her hometown and started sharing her story. Her story brought people to Jesus.

To her, sharing Jesus was bigger than a title or position. She didn’t seek permission and many were saved (John 4:39-42) because she was brave enough to minister to her community.

We are good at complicating ministry.

We think that if we get a certain job that we’ll be in the ministry. We think that if we get a certain education that we’ll be in the ministry. We think that if we organize a certain program or non-profit that we’ll officially be in the ministry.

Ministry happens when you obediently follow the call that God places on your life, whether you view it as big or small. Sometimes it’s a constant fight to keep ministry simple and we need to remind ourselves what ministry looks like in our everyday lives.

Ministry is raising your children to always live for Jesus. Ministry is opening your home for a local Bible study or a dinner with your community. Ministry is taking a new mom a meal. Ministry is praying with a stranger when you feel the nudge. Ministry is loving on your friends and running alongside them towards Heaven.

If you are sharing God’s love with the people around you, you are in the ministry.

You don’t need a position or title.

You don’t need permission.

I am cheering you on in your ministry, friend!

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