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How to Be Fulfilled in Your Relationships

(I had the amazing opportunity to guest blog for Selina Almodovar on relationships. Above is a picture of a few of my dearest friends ("my people") that chase Jesus with me. I thrive when I live in community and am surrounded by quality, Godly relationships. I hope you enjoy the post.)


I have a longing and a desire for fulfilled, quality relationships in my life.

You, too?

Most of us are hardwired with this same desire.

I love nothing more than a girl’s night out or when my husband and I go out with our couple friends. It rejuvenates me. It makes me feel happy and gives me a sense of belonging.

How quickly those feelings of happiness and belonging can disappear though.

The next morning a simple text (or lack of a text) or social media post can undue those wonderful feelings of happiness and belonging. A new type of feeling begins to creep in and enter my thoughts.

You probably know the feeling. It begins as your stomach starts to set in. You wish that your mind wouldn’t allow the thoughts to come that are quickly crowding your brain. Even if you know deep down that they aren’t true, the thoughts still come. In a matter of seconds, you suddenly feel unloved or cast aside.

Whether it’s a friendship or a romantic interest, this is what I’ve learned about finding fulfillment through my relationships...

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