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Showing Our Kids That God Is in the Details: Bloom Family Designs Room Reveal

I walked into my son's room, and I found him sitting in the chair that was in the corner. He was soaking in his new bedroom. It had just been freshly painted and new furniture assembled by the organization Bloom Family Designs.

Bloom creates spaces for foster and adoptive families so that all kids come home to a bedroom space of their own. The rooms are all done at no expense to the family. Not only did they do a bedroom for Ethan and his soon-to-be new brother, but they also did a refresh for Brielle.

When the crew of volunteers finished the rooms on Saturday, we were speechless. What a gift.

The bedrooms are a gift that we never even really knew that we needed.

As they revealed each room to us, what I like to call our "move that bus" moment, I was in awe of the detail that went into blessing our family.

A neighbor had built Ethan a climbing wall that he desperately wanted. His room was a great mix of big boy and toddler. Brielle had a beautiful canopy draped over her bed filled with fluffy pillows and blankets. Bailey found a new quilt and books in her room too.

Bloom didn't leave a single Miller kid out, and it will forever be one of the most thoughtful moments of my entire life.

We've included our kids in the adoption process from the very beginning. When I say that we are all in this together, I mean it.

Bailey, Ethan, and Brielle have their own emotions and fears with this adoption. They pray every night that our paperwork will move quickly, even though it moves at a snail's pace. Bailey prays every night that we won't have to quarantine. Their patience and faith have been astounding.

So, as I saw Ethan sitting in his chair patiently waiting for his brother to join him in his room, I realized the life-changing impact this adoption will have on their lives.

They will remember the years of waiting.

They will remember the day they got off the bus, and their mom was crying over paperwork.

They will remember how God didn't always answer their prayers the way they had hoped.

Sometimes I wonder if they'll grow up and wish our family had a different calling. I wonder what their attitudes will be towards adoption, but like with any God-given callings, I cover my wonderings and worries with grace and the positive things that they'll remember.

They will remember the cards of prayer being delivered to our house every single week by people carrying our burden with us.

They will remember Bloom volunteers showing up to create their dream bedrooms.

They may not realize it yet, but they will remember the grace and mercy that we walked in daily.

And I pray as we continue to walk in faith towards completing this adoption that they feel God's redeeming love as they sit in their new rooms because it's absolutely there.

God does some of His best work in the details, and this weekend He used the hands and feet of an organization to prove it to my kids.

If you are interested in learning more about Bloom Family Designs, visit their website at!

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Lauren Elizabeth Miller
Lauren Elizabeth Miller
18 lis 2020


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